I’m a huge believer in the efficacy of doing one thing at a time but have habits so ingrained that my alt-tab fingers operate without intervention from my brain. Maybe some kind of finger splint would help break the twitch. » 7/02/12 7:24am 7/02/12 7:24am

Interesting, but part of the point of actually drinking whiskey with ice is a little dilution. Depends on the malt of course but many folks add a little spring water to a whiskey even when drinking at room temperature. » 8/04/11 9:11am 8/04/11 9:11am

@AnimalChin: I was looking to achieve the same.. Shrinking the icons and minimising the spacing gets you halfway there but unless I'm missing a step the text still appears underneath, rather than alongside, so it doesn't look like a list view..? » 3/23/09 7:31am 3/23/09 7:31am

Oddly I embarked on exactly this challenge last month. I'm in the UK so it was a save £1000 in 30 days plan for me, but that was offset by the fact that I'm married and it was a joint target. » 11/04/08 11:27am 11/04/08 11:27am

I really like Mibbit.. I'm sometimes forced to use web based irc clients due to ferocious corporate firewall and this is probably the best I've seen. » 4/21/08 3:30am 4/21/08 3:30am

Well I'm sold. Took a bit of tracking down to get a retailer in the UK who sold the plain old roll of one-wrap rather than the straps, but I got there in the end. » 4/14/08 3:54am 4/14/08 3:54am